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1st customer to our newly opened shop is Jette.  Last year, she made the Mdina Jacket in Champagne and here she is wearing it and looking rather fabulous!  In the forefront of the picture, Jette's next project, the Shadow Box Jacket in black and white.

It’s so heartening to see you, my lovely customers, proudly showing off your hand knits.  Thank you so much for sharing and here is a look at some of the people who have donned their wares to visit me at a show, at my shop or those who have sent images from home...

Sue is the first person to send me images of her wearing Ophelia which she knitted in the Rain yarn.  

Sue has changed the neck a little and likes to wear hers as a poncho


Sue has also made Mitzie in our Chunky yarn; but is unsure which looks better, the light jeans or the dark?  

Sue is delighted by the number of compliments she receives whenever she wears one of these tops. 

Monroe has been a very popular pattern and Sarah sent me this (with her friend wearing Iago)

Whereas Sue Green was a little shy and just sent her version in Storm Grey

Venus has been made by Yvonne

Knitted in our Ivory yarn, we helped her shorten the length and she had just enough to finish the project.

Yvonne wearing Venus

and Doris made her Venus from our Rain Yarn

I just love these atmospheric images of Bonnie and Maddie (worn as a wedding dress)

Talking of dresses, these have been very popular, but I have so few images to share....

Louise loves her Icon

Christina loves her Lily

Glynis loves her Dottie

And just to show you don't have to use our yarn, this is Miko!

I just love the fact that knitting has helped to form friendships and shared experiences within families.

First are friends who all made the Duchess Cardigan and sent front and back images

Made in Champagne, Dew and Ivory

Barbara made Olivia in Ivory and her mum knitted Honesty in Champagne.  They started these at a workshop and then wore them to the next one they booked.

Vivienne and Kate also started their projects at one of our workshops and both are thrilled with the results (Grace and Iago - Kate's first knitted garment!)

Helen and Heather are happy with their Louisianna and Esme

As are these two friends, wearing Balboa and Mdina

I love the way Bryony has styled her outfit; here she is wearing Lillian

Susan Crowe sometimes attends my knitting workshops as the knitting guru, you can see why I ask her!

First wearing Esme

and then wearing Honesty

Another person who has helped at events is Karen Way, here she is wearing her Isadora Jumper and Hero Boot Cuffs

and Adeline Nichol has stepped in to help at Unravel; here she is modelling Bryony

Which is really unusual, as she more often wears her Balboa Waistcoat

Amy also helped out at a show and wore her Cyrene Jacket which she started at a workshop

Next, I thought I'd put together a collection of images for the Isis Tailcoat; such a great design

The next really popular design is Louisianna

It doesn't have to be big stuff to get my attention.  Many of you have bought our patterns for accessories, and here is a round up of those who have shared.