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What is it about an alpaca that makes them so special?

Perhaps the naturally ‘smiley’ face, or maybe those big brown eyes; whatever it is Tracy is not alone in feeling better about everything when she’s in the field with her herd. Lucky Lady had a tricky 24 hours when she was first born and is the only alpaca to spend a night at Tracy’s home before she bonded with her mother, Havana, the next day. Both Havana and Lucky’s fleece go into making our Rain yarn.


The majority of our herd are white Huacaya alpacas and with each generation, we are constantly improving the quality of the fibre our animals provide. Our newest babies are averaging 17 microns which means our lovely yarn will have softness and delicacy that is only comparable to top grade cashmere. It’s super warm too!

Most of our alpacas are happy to meet new friends and if they happen to have an apple with them – well, that’s just perfect. The females do change personality when pregnant and even the sweetest natured becomes grumpy! However, even they behave when offered the succulent juices of our national fruit.


Alpacas love rolling; they’ll create a grass free dip and it’s an integral part of their grooming process. As we want to make sure they are in tip-top condition, we encourage this behaviour by liberally sprinkling their dust bowl with an organic compound called diatomaceous earth. They just love to roll in it.


At dusk, alpacas are often seen ‘pronking’. This is when they spring around the field in a bouncy canter before charging off in all directions. As well as a joy to watch, this playful behaviour could be life saving as it warms them up before going to sleep for the night. Alpacas are indigenous from the high altiplano in Peru, Bolivia and Chile, where temperatures can vary between -40ᶷC to +40ᶷC, it is this variety which makes their fleece so fantastic at insulating us against the cold and heat.

So to answer the question, it’s because they are adorable, intelligent, inquisitive, playful, beautiful, spiritual and, on a good day, affectionate.