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Knitting Workshop Saturday 15th December 2017

Are you stuck on one of our designs? How about needing help with finishing techniques? Then this workshop is for you. Usual fabulous lunch and meeting the alpacas, but bring your Purl Alpaca garment with you.



Knitting & Stitching Show, Harrogate 23-26 November 2017

We’re at the K&S Show Harrogate all this week and look forward to seeing you there!

Finished 5

Autumnal Yarn Colours

Well you definitely seem to like our new autumn colours with Citrine and Sapphire being the favourites.  Having said we really like the Coco Hat in Ruby and the Holly Hat in Amethyst.

Coco-Hat- Coco Hat


Holly Hat (2) Holly Hat

Alpaca Art

Elephants and monkeys can paint, but who knew alpacas were capable of creating their own form of art?  Whilst Fabyanne was at the Cambridge Vet School, she wasn’t particularly well behaved when being handled and this is what she left as her marque.  The bottom left is her signature – a self portrait!

Alpaca Art 3

What a hay day!

Whilst we’re all toasty warm, knitting our alpaca garments and accessories, our silent partners are in the fields, braving the weather.  Well the new field shelters have arrived as has the hay, plus, this week, the new nursery/sick bay has been created.

The lovely Jane drove some of the detritus from the shed, well I say drove, but we couldn’t get the truck to start!  Paul (her husband) pushed her to here and then towed it the rest of the way to the garage up the road.

Jane removals


Mdina looking better 2


The new space is where Mdina and Hope spend their nights so I can check on Mdina’s progress daily and make sure she has both an evening meal and breakfast.  Hope seems quite happy with the arrangement as she gets double rations!

Field Shelter


A lovely local chap spent a lot of time creating this field shelter, but the boys wouldn’t use it at first.  I’m just hoping that having the hay in there, helps them to overcome their concerns!



Lovely fresh hay from David Rolls, such a fresh, sweet smell!


The Heart of the Matter

Poor little Mdina, I have been concerned for her for a few weeks as she’s not developing as she should be.  She is still only the size of an  8 month old cria, even though she is now 15 months old.  I have been monitoring what she’s eating how she looks and her general well being but this week, I decided to get the vet to have a look at her.  She’s had blood tests, ultra sound, injections and investigations.  That is why the front of her neck has been shaved.

Mdina poorly


At one point it was thought Mdina might need a blood transfusion and the lovely Juno inadvertently volunteered.  Her blood was taken too and she was so beautifully behaved throughout.

Juno the donor


It has been discovered that she has a heart murmur and arrhythmia.  This morning, she too went to the Vet Hospital in Cambridge and I will update you as I know more.

Many of you will have made the Mdina Cardigan and seen her little biography card, so if you have time, send up a little prayer…

Mdina white

A Thorny Issue

The fields here are surrounded by blackberry bushes and the alpacas love to nibble on the fruit and use the branches as scratching posts.  Unfortunately, not all are careful about where they put their feet and the thorns are sharp.  An alpaca’s foot is a soft pad with toes and toenails and usually they’re really robust.  Also, because they’re a prey animal, alpacas don’t show anything is wrong with them until the last moment when they can’t hide the pain anymore.



I’ve never had a problem with the herd treading on something, until this autumn that is.   Firstly Helene & Monroe became lame with black thorns in their pads and now it is Fabyanne’s turn.  The vet visited and thinks that this time the puncture wound is close to the bone which, in turn, may become infected.  Injections for everything and dressing the wound is a two person job and the lovely Jane has once again come to the rescue helping me.  Whilst I hold the screaming, spitting bundle of fluff, Jane gently cleans out the infection, sprays the wound and rebinds it with the special dressings the vet gave us.  Her behaviour is improving as she’s probably getting used to the routine and knows that the less she plays up, the quicker it’ll be over.

Fabyannes foot


I’m also pretty sure that she’s pregnant.  Alpacas change personality when expecting and even the sweetest natured becomes grumpy, untouchable and just plain horrible!  Well that sums up Fabyanne at the moment and I’m just hoping that we’ve caught the infection in time!

This post was written five days ago; unfortunately, she isn’t better and this morning, Faby went to the Vet Hospital in Cambridge.

Yay, New Yarn in Six Colours

Our new yarn has arrived and is a blend of super fine British Alpaca and top grade Blue Faced Leicester; it is seriously scrumptious to touch.  I’m trialling these six colours to see which are popular for you to make our Fine designs.

They have a slightly speckled effect which you can see on the close up images of this yarn on our product pages.  Some of these are definitely going to be included in our new collection which I hope to release in the spring.  Happy Knitting everyone!


New Yarn cropped


Manufactured by UK Alpaca; processed in Bradford.

BOB London

BOB London a new adventure for us: 12th and 13th October; The Truman Brewery, The Boiler House, 152 Brick Lane, London E1 6RU

Yarndale and BOB London

Yarndale was a blast and many thanks to all those who came to say hello.  A particular thanks to Bryony modelling the Lillian Top

Bryony modelling Lillian


and Glen modelling the Isis Tailcoat.

Glen modelling Isis


Tomorrow I’m off to London for BOB, The Truman Brewery, The Boiler House, 152 Brick Lane, London E1 6RU

BOB logo


This is a showcase for British sourced and manufactured items aimed at overseas buyers.  It does mean that we won’t be at Alexandra Palace this year as the two shows clash, but I can still post out orders to you as usual, or perhaps you can visit me here, at the alpaca farm as there are a few places left on the workshop dates.

If you’re free to pop in to BOB, I can email you a guest pass.

Hand made knitwear from our Customers

I’m always so pleased to see our customers modelling their knitwear and the lovely comments they have about my scrumptious yarn!  So here are the latest endeavours from people who have emailed images:

Nora from Bergen in Norway sent this beautiful photo from her wedding day in the Faroe Islands. She made the Maddie Dress herself in our Champagne yarn and it looks absolutely stunning!

Nora in Maddie


Laura (aka Purl About Town in The Knitter Magazine) brought her mother to one of our workshops and, as she has recently had her long hair cut off, finds she gets cold ears.  Also, being short of time, it seemed only sensible to make a headband and Laura chose Lucky in the colour Storm.  Laura not only started this project on the day, she finished it too and was very happy to wear Lucky home!



Amy too came to one of our workshops and although she didn’t finish Cyrene on the day, she did finish it within a week (as well as working full time).  I think this could be a record…  Glad she’s finished it in time for the change of weather, Amy is enjoying the many positive comments she is receiving and well deserved they are too.


Amy Cyrene


Doris bought the Venus coat kit at Olympia (2015); then, because she lost a lot of weight, decided to wait and make it this year. Not only is she very pleased with the outcome, she’s loving her new look and has extra yarn to play with because she could make a smaller size.


Doris in Venus cropped


Jill LOVES making the Louisianna Jacket having made enough to wear a different one everyday for a fortnight!  She also loves making things for charity and recently embarked on the Cate Egg Cosies.  Hers look much happier than mine, maybe it’s because they’re in a herd?

Jill Owens Egg Cosies


All these designs and many more are waiting for you to buy them, make them and wear them – all you have to do start!


Poorly alpacas

Helene walked through a black thorn bush and her daughter, Monroe, followed her. They both ended up with thorns in their feet (which are just pads). The vet has been and had to use forceps to get the darn things out. Now their wounds are dressed and they’re much more comfortable. Just means that I’m the nurse for the rest of the week, changing the dressings and making sure there isn’t an infection.  Today their sporting green, tomorrow I may try the pink!

Just after this happened, Havana tore part of her ear off – more gore – oh the joys of alpaca ownership!

Helene Monroe in bandages cropped