Woolfest Cumbria

Dates: 26th ā€“ 27th of June 2015

Cockermouth in Cumbria will again open it’s welcoming arms to knitters from all over the UK and the world and we will be there too.

If you would like to know more about this event, have a look here!


Knitting Workshop – July 2015

Date: 22nd of July, 2015

At this point the weather will be warmer, we will open up the sides to the marquee and sit in the lovely garden with our knitting. The alpacas may have had their annual hair cut, they always look so funny with their fluffy hairdo and skinny body! Want to come check it out?

Knitting Workshop – September 2015

Date: 16th of September, 2015

Our newborn cria will be skipping in the grass by this point and we invite you to come meet them! This will be the last knitting workshop this year as the venue will be turned into a Christmas shop from the beginning of October. Book now or wait until 2016!


Dates: 26th ā€“ 27th of September 2015

We’re heading back to Skipton for the 3rd year of this wonderful event. Every year they have been improving on stallholders and event organisation and we expect this will be no different! See you there!

Check out their lovely website for more information.