Knitting Workshops


This ultimate experience includes starting a knitting project, one-to-one tuition, fabulous lunch and meeting the alpacas.  This is a perfect, unusual and ethical gift for yourself or someone you love.

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“My new best friend”

All of the workshops take place at Burwash Manor; an idyllic location where Tracy keeps the herd and the group size is small (maximum of 10 attendees).  This allows time for individual attention and expert tuition whilst keeping the overall feeling comfortable and intimate.

The day includes:

  • trying on samples and making sure you’re happy with how they look before you make your own
  • any of our fabulous designs and the first 5 balls of yarn
  • a fresh, delicious, homemade lunch created from locally sourced ingredients (we do cater for special diets)
  • constant refreshments
  • individual tuition with Kari-Helene and Tracy
  • meeting the alpacas and feeding them an apple (if you want to)
  • all levels of ability catered for
  • a maximum of 10 places per workshop
  • All extra purchases made are at a discounted price

Our workshops cost £99. You can choose to pay in full up front or pay a deposit of £25.

To book, click here.

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“I can’t wear wool but alpaca is just fine”

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Food, glorious food

DSC 4850 900x900 302x302 knitting workshops, Purl Alpaca Designs

Learning to cable

DSC 4782 900x900 302x302 knitting workshops, Purl Alpaca Designs

Meeting the Purl Alpacas

workshop Marquee 302x170 knitting workshops, Purl Alpaca Designs

Our Venue

Workshop clothes 302x170 knitting workshops, Purl Alpaca Designs

Sample clothes

DSC 4828 900x900 302x302 knitting workshops, Purl Alpaca Designs

A garment begins

DSC 4881 900x900 302x302 knitting workshops, Purl Alpaca Designs

Gillian finishes Rhea

Before the workshop, we need you to look at our website and have an idea which garment you might like to make so that you can bring the right sized needles with you. We also ask you to advise us if you have any special dietary requirements so we make sure you have something delicious for lunch (email us). As we have a maximum of 10 places per workshop, we ask for a £25.00 holding deposit which is off-set against the cost of the day.  We think it’s best if you bring a selection of knitting needles with you and we also ask you to bring shoes you can walk across a field in. If wet weather is forecast, bring a raincoat and hat (but not an umbrella as the alpacas don’t like them).
On the dayThere is ample parking and we ask you to arrive about 9.45, ready for our 10.00 a.m. start. There will be a choice of tea or coffee on your arrival. After introducing ourselves, you choose which design you would like to make and try on samples to see which size fits best. We then ask you to choose your yarn colour and then we collate the pieces and put your knitting pack together.Once you’re settled, you can read the pattern, check everything is clear and commence knitting your tension square; any stitch tuition or pattern questions will be answered by Kari-Helene.  This means the pattern is thoroughly understood and the stitches explained so you can start your garment with confidence and finish it with ease.After everyone has started knitting and the excitement and chatter gives way to concentration, Tracy will entertain you with a brief introduction to alpacas, show you raw fleece and the characteristics she looks for to create our yarn. She does like a good story so you’ll hear about the alpaca myth, alpaca behaviour and quirks of character and she will answer any questions you may have.

It naturally follows that you should meet some.  There is something quite magical about these animals and meeting them has proved a very popular part of the day.  This is when you can feed one of the girls an apple (if you want to) and please make sure you wear shoes you can walk across a field in!

Whilst you’re playing with the ‘fibre providers’, lunch is prepared by Kari-Helene using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible so that everything is really fresh and very tasty. (She is a super cook and we’re trying to get her to apply for Masterchef!)

After this, we get back to some serious knitting! We give you individual attention and tuition if needed and just chat generally or answer questions. Kari-Helene gives a brief over-view of how she finds inspiration for our designs and, depending on the time of year, we either give a preview of our next collection, or an idea of what will be coming up in the future.

About 3.30 Tracy will start writing everyone’s receipt and ask for the balance of payment; we accept cards, cheques and cash. We may ask you to complete a short feed-back form (if we’re that organised!) and after 4.00 p.m. it will be time to think about making a move home.

We have become friends with many of those who attend our workshops and they’ve told us that every time they wear the garment they started there, they remember the day and smile.

Total price of the day is £95.00 per person (until May 2015 when the price will be £99); to book, click here.

Aitzie attended our workshop in January 2015; she said: ‘It was a fantastic day, the Alpacas were a pure dose of love and happiness! I am still smiling. And the Duchess… my new BFF…. I’m in love!’

You can see Aitzie feeding Duchess an apple, but please note, we can’t get the Narnia effect every time!

Here’s what Charlotte Booth had to say about her day with us:

“The knitting workshop at Purl Alpaca Designs was a birthday present and I couldn’t have asked for a better gift.  It was a lovely day, with some great people.  We all met up in the morning and received our knitting kits, chose wool and started knitting whilst listening to some background about alpacas and the farm.  Then we got to meet the bundles of fluff and feed them apples.  After a delicious lunch we continued knitting receiving any help required from Kari-Helene and Tracy.  It was a great day and the final knitted project was fabulous. I thoroughly recommend the workshops and I can’t wait until I can attend the next one!